VISIT AVÈNE (Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

Avène is situated in the “Pays des Monts et Sources” (“Land of Mountains and Springs”) in the Hérault department of Languedoc Roussillon. Near by the city of Lodève, Avène is famous for its therapeutic waters and its balneotherapy spa and Avène beauty products based on its healing





Built with this unusual circular French pattern winding up a small hill towards the Church of Saint Martin, Avène is a small village sitting in a very picturesque spot within a bend of the Orb River featuring its 12th century Romanesque bridge and is surrounded by tree covered hills offering spectacular colors in autumn. Wandering its narrow streets you will discover several magnificent porches as well as old stone entrances of the village as well as its old fountain and authentic15th century bread oven.

Historically and before being famous for its balneotherapy spa and skins products, Avène economic survival was based on mining activities since the Roman era until 1954 when La Rabasse mine was finally shut down.

Abundant and highly beneficial waters is the common link between seven towns located at the junction of two Natural Regional Parks surrounding Avène: “Le Haut Languedoc” and “Les Grands Causses”. At the heart of a natural preserved environment, “Le Pays des Monts et des Sources” (Land of Mounts and Springs) gives to this territory its identity where people were able to keep secular traditions.

Walk among its hiking trails, wander along its rivers side, drink its spring waters, breathe its mounts pure air, discover its typical and traditional narrow streets and you will understand the precious and rare gift Avène  and its surroundings can offer to its residents and visitors.

But most of all it is nature itself which gave Avène its most precious gift: pure water coming from the deep of the Languedoc ground. The renowned waters gave Avène a brand new destiny and vocation through balneotherapy. Through the years balneotherapy has evolved greatly. From a rather local activity, Avène was able to build a serious reputation, reaching new frontiers in the field while attracting a very diverse and international clientele.




Situated in the valley below the village, Avène thermal waters have been found to be particularly good for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, burns and scarring, actually backed by more than 300 studies. With 260 years of expertise in skin diseases treatment, “Avène -Les-Bains-Spa” (Station Thermale d' Avène -les-Bains) specializes in skin conditions and combines high-tech treatments with its curative waters.

Also well-known are a full range of Avène beauty products, elaborated and produced using its renowned Avène mineral water and internationally recommended for acute and specific skin care.




“The Pays des Monts et des Sources” features several attractive and picturesque small villages and attractions such as Lunas with its pretty riverside setting and its water-side Chateau de Lunas, Lodève or Ceilhes-et-Rocozels, and also the panorama from  the Virgin statue, Saint Martin Church,  the XIIth  century bridge, Saint-André-de-Rieussec roman Church, Saint-Barthélemy-d’Arnoye roman Church,  Espinouse and Escandorgue mountains, etc.